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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted... and I now have a FB for my blog!!! :D

Ok, so I'm joining a tad late, but hey, that's my style.  I'm joining up with 99 other bloggers to a super fun "get to know you linky party!"  I'm #100!! I wonder if I get a prize...  It started with Latoya reed at Flying Into First Grade.  The game is that you have to write 3 things you like/love, one for each letter of your initials.  Here goes!

K - Kitties!  Who doesn't love kitties?!  Plus, K is a hard letter.  I don't particularly love kangaroos.  Or kites.  This is Tardar Sauce.  I'm sure you have seen her.  She lives in Arizona, in a town not too far from where I lived when I was born.  I would post a picture of my cat, but I am at work and don't have one.  I'll update it later. ;)  BUT!  I really do love Tardar Sauce.  She makes me smile (hehe get it?!).  If you ask her owner, she's really a happy cat. 

C - Children.  Awww.  ;)  Yes, I do love children.  I bet we all do.  I love my students but I will share a picture of my own children. :)  Not my students... because that's illegal. haha

This is Nathan, my 2.5 year old. He was a preemie, and has CP.  He's my miracle baby. 

This is Bryce, my 1.5 year old.  Yes, I have two kids a year apart.  Holy busy mama! 

L - Learning!  I love to learn, and I love watching students learn!  Yesterday we learned about the parts of a letter and I found this guy on Pinterest!  Isn't he cute?!  No face.  The kids have some issues with this, but I told them that I can't draw a face haha. 

We have also been learning about time.  I made an AWESOME time bingo game!  You can get it hereThe picture is tiny because I don't have the original file on this computer.

And... Guess what?!  I now have a Facebook page for my blog!!  I don't have any likes yet, though :( So go like it! :)  Here's the link: The most awesomest FB page ever!

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