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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wanna get lucky?!

Then go to my TpT store!  I am following suit with Mrs. Wheeler at First Grade Tidbits to have a TpT sale!  Button provided by Mrs. Wheeler.  The graphics she used came from Mrs. Stanford, Creative Clips, Primary Paradise, and Mrs. Cupcake.  If you are a teacher and want to join the sale, head on over to Mrs. Wheeler's page and join the linky!

Here are some things that I think you'll love:

(click on each picture to head to my TpT store)

 Ready for Easter? Here's a fun compound word game that you can play! 

 In Arizona there's a law that separates the "English Language Learners" into their own class.  That teacher (me) has to teach grammar for AN HOUR.  Holy moly.  Well because of that, I have been creating games to help use that entire hour.  This is a really fun game like SlapJack.  You pick a part of speech (ex: noun) and when they play the first person to "slap" the noun gets to keep the card.  Really fun!

 This is my newest baby.  TOOK FOREVER.  This has two bingo games.  One with analog time (half hour and hour) and one with digital time (half hour and hour).  It comes with 25 DIFFERENT cards (for each game) so that each student in your class has a different playing card.  Also has the analog calling cards for the digital game and the digital calling cards for the analog game.

 BEST SELLER!!!  Tens frames puzzle 0-10 and 11-20 have been a HUGE hit!  Go check them out!

 This is one of my personal favs!  Use dominoes to add!  I also included a blank parking lot so you can do multiplication or subtraction as well.


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