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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Did I hear a "Bingo!"?

I love making game.  I guess it's my "thing".  You know, you've seen teachers who mostly create big units?  Well, I create games.  And I love bingo.  My kids love bingo.  So I decided to make a time bingo.  Easy peasy, right?  WRONG.  Not hard, per se, but so time consuming!  I am trying to make it start to finish during nap.  Hahahaha I'm funny.  I got the analog cards done, but I think that's all that is going to get done because I hear little people stirring.  But I'm so excited about it, I wanted to share a sneak peak with you!  In the end, I will have 25 cards with analog times, 25 cards with digital times, a set of analog calling cards, and a set of digital calling cards.  The idea:  show the kids the digital time, and have them find the analog match.  Oooooo I should make a concentration game!  (squirrel!)  Thanks to The 3AM Teacher who had time clip art!!!!!  :D

Don't you just love those little clocks at the top?! :)

EDIT::  I'm done!  Go grab it at my TpT store! Here are some more pics...

Click me to get the game!

Calling cards for analog game

sample digital card

calling cards for digital game


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