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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cowboys and Caterpillars! (Dos freebies)

Here in Tucson, AZ, we do not get to have President's Day off from school.  Boo.  However, we get something better.  RODEO DAYS!  Rodeo Days are big in Tucson.  The rodeo comes to town.  Wait, that sounds like the circus.  Does a rodeo "come to town"?  Or does a town just "have a rodeo".  Haha who knows.  I have never actually been to the rodeo here.  (gasp!)  Anywho, it's a huge deal with a parade and everything.  It's also supposed to be a big point of revenue for us, and we get the last Thursday and Friday of February off of school.  During our three day week, we learn about cowboys, and do activities related to western culture and cowboys/cowgirls, etc.  This week I decided to do some writing activities with the kids. We got a printout they could color, cut, and glue together to make a cowboy or cowgirl.  Then we wrote sentences about what our cowboy/girl's name is, and what they can do (review of verbs).  I forgot to take a picture of them before we left for the little break, but I have added the writing paper here for FREE! I will add a picture of the finished projects on Monday.  I also have some other cowboy related activities that will be going up on TpT.

It's not all cowboys and ponies all the time here in AZ. (another gasp!).  We have been learning about compound words.  We made a compound word caterpillar.  This was one of my "ok, quick, they're coming in in 10 minutes and I want to do something crafty" kind of ideas.  I happened to have a jar of salsa in my room (don't ask), so I quickly traced out 5 circles for each student, and when they got back in, they cut them out.  I also had them draw/cut their own feet.  This made SOME of them cute, but it was also stressful because they didn't understand the feet had to be BIG.  Lots of re-dos.  So I made a template for it, and I'm sharing it here ... for FREE!  They had to write a compound word in 4 of the body pieces, and each leg/foot had the words that made up the compound word.  For example, the body would say butterfly, and one foot would say butter while the other foot says fly.  I also forgot to take pictures of this, but I will add pictures on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Your next blog hint... crackin' eggs.  (Make you think of the BabySteals emails? Any of you get those?)

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