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Monday, August 13, 2012

miss me?? :P

I'm baaaaaaack!  I was gone for a really long time!  All you wonderful dedicated ladies never skipped a beat, but I got swamped with stuff and got lost from blogging for a bit.  How the hell are ya?!  I am still swamped. lol  But I'm stalling from writing lesson plans (shush, you know you do it, too).  I am leaving for Georgia on Wednesday morning and have to write 3 days worth of plans for a sub.  SUUUUCKKKKKK.  Plus, I think I am getting sick.  I ache everywhere, especially my neck.  It's not a pain, but more achy.  OMG.  I just got the Achy Breaky Heart in my head.  Annnnnd now it's in yours.  You're welcome!  I'd rather have Lambchop singing the song that never ends. 

So school started on Monday the 6th for us.  Well, it was supposed to.  It's our monsoon season and we had crazy power outages so they actually cancelled school for kiddos!  Yep, no kids the first day!  Top that.  Bet you can't.  Unless you get lucky and they cancel it for everyone.  In that case, you suck.  Let me tell you, I have some super stinkin' cute kids this year!  And I'm also ready for break.  Whew! 

I'm taking my son to GA to do a cord blood infusion for his Cerebral Palsy.  I'm so nervous.  It will hopefully help him, but still.  Who wants to see their little guy get poked with needles and have IVs?  Not me.  He had all kinds of wires in NICU, but he was a newborn.  It's different now.  He's two now. He can look at me with those "why are you doing this to me?" eyes.  Ugh. 

I guess I should get back to those lessons.  And packing.  I'll be back soon! 


  1. ME! I've missed your hilarious posts!! Sub plans do suck and so do needles. I hope everything goes great in Georgia and it helps him! Swing through Tennessee and visit me!

  2. Welcome back!!! I have been back to work for weeks now and I have ALREADY gotten sick :( I was out three days last week..... booooo! I'm jealous you are headed to GA (my homestate)! HAVE FUN!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  3. Last year, everyone missed the whole first week of school due to Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately they took away our winter vacation to make up for it -boo! Good luck in GA!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. I'm your newest follower and a new blogger in Tucson also. I love your site- so cute. Hope you have a chance to visit my blog. BTW- I'd love to meet up for coffee sometime- a little blogging chat would be nice.

    Granny Goes to School