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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tooth mini-unit is done and I still have my teeth!

So, I have spent about a week trying to get this teeth mini-unit thing done.  And I wanted to add more to it, but am quite frankly tired of looking at it.  I have decided to post it on TpT, and not look at it for a while.  :)  So, here's the link to it!  My teeth/ dear tooth fairy  I drew those teeth myself, by the way.  I think the only thumbnail is the color one, but the b&w looks just the same... without color (ha).  Hey, now that I have some followers... anyone wanna tell me how to get  pinterest and TpT buttons??  Thanks!  And...  Go check out my personal real life blog if you have a minute... my son who has Cerebral Palsy STOOD UP!!!!  I'm going over to go brag right now.  Warning: I have no filter over there.  So if you read my older posts, you have been warned.  No swearing or anything like that.  Just my life... and it's not a silver spoon kinda life. ;)  It's
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1 comment:

  1. Your tooth activities look great!

    What a celebration and blessing about your son standing up! =)

    You crack me up about having a filter...I say that too on my blog at times that my filter had a hole in it.

    Heather's Heart