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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm SO going to regret this when the boys get home.

So I took Nathan to daycare after speech therapy today and instead of picking Bryce up and bringing them home, I left both there so I could clean. However, my computer was calling me to the unfinished background image I had been working on last night. I have to go get them in about an hour, and not ONE thing is cleaned up.GAH! I have been working on creating my own blog template. I have a background that is almost ready, so I go to try it out on the blog. I needed to see what to tweak. Well, guess what? I deleted the old html code from my previous blog! And I have to get ready to go pick up the boys soon. GAH! SO I had to quickly find another template to throw up there. So if you're wondering why my title doesn't match... that's why! haha SO here's a preview of the background I'm working on. I am going to make the dots a little smaller so you can see more of them.


  1. I love that background...very cheery! =)

    You are amazing that you are creating your own...You ROCK!

    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks!! I'm frustrated because the one I put up to test still shows up on mobile web and I can't find it to delete it! Lol. My problem is that I have zero patience so I don't learn then do, I do then learn! :)

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! Way to go you code generator, you! I love the polka dots!

  4. haha I haven't been able to successfully get it or the header onto my blog yet. I made them as images but can't get them on the blog right. I'll upload the header. I'm super proud of that. :)