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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Organization

So, I haven't been on in a few days... Sorry!  My son has been very sick.  He seems to be getting better though, so I thought I'd hop on and show you a few things I have been doing in my classroom.  First off, I, like so many of you smartie pants out there, bought the Common Core standards posters from Deanna Jump's TPT page here.  Best $10 I've ever spent!  I chose a super cute font, printed, laminated, and hung on ribbon.  There is an "empty" spot in mine because the labels that were in the file didn't exactly match up to what our programs are.  We teach Success For All (SFA) for reading.  I kept a blank spot for an SFA poster, which I made.  I don't yet have a TPT store, but when I do, you can download it free, if you would like. I'll keep you posted.

Next, we go to my behavior chart.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing.  I'm so proud.  I'm even considering making and selling these.  So if you also love it, and would like one, let me know, we'll work it out!  The one on top is mine, in my classroom.  The one on the bottom is one I made for a friend.  Hers has different font because I got my labels from another blog, who got it from yet another blog here.  I changed hers to say great day instead of great job.  I like that better, but of course, I had already printed mine.  So I had to redo the font because it was a .pdf and I couldn't edit.  Anywhoo... aren't you in love?!  I am!

Lastly, my library.  I am revamping my library this summer.  I used book labels that I created.  Want them?  I'll post in that phantom TPT store once I figure out how.  If you know, and want to school me on TPT, feel free!  So here's a "in progress" picture.  You'll notice some of the bins don't have labels.  That's because I forgot them at home the day I took this picture.  So the labels will be on the bins when I can get back into my room.  Each book as a mini label the same as the bin label.  That way there should be no mistaking where each book goes.  Ha.  Yeah, sure.  I'll let you know how many misplaced books I find by week 2.  :)
I am going to make a sign with my handy dandy Cricut machine that says "Book Nook" and post it on the wall above the books.  I am also going to make the area cozy and inviting with a rug and pillows.  Possibly a few stuffed animals, too.

See those shelves on the right?  Yeah, there used to be doors there.  I took them off.  Now they're sitting on top of a cabinet. ha.  But it works so well!  :)


  1. I think I'm going to go to a clip behavior chart this year. I do the "pull a card" thing and have for 10 years. Maybe it's time to focus on ore on the positive... Delimmia is- whole grade level has to have pretty much the same consequences and procedure. Maybe I can talk everyone into it. I know they'll do it if I tell them I'll make it for them! Ha
    :) Dana

  2. haha! I have one of the 4 of us in on it with me. I made her one ;) We don't have to have the same, but it is so much easier when we do! :)

  3. I love all of your stuff on ribbons...I don't do a clip chart but your clip chart looks very cute! =)

    I love your blog and might be stalking you just a wee bit. I would love for you to follow me the next time you come to visit...yes, I have been worrying about that. =)


    Heather's Heart