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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joining the blog trend

My first post!  I know what you're thinking.  What teacher starts her classroom blog just after school ends?  This girl right here. I'm envious of all of the other classroom/teacher blogs I see and I want to do it to!  But I'm super anal so it took me like 3 days to come up with a name and choose a background.  I'm not fluent in HTML, so I have to use backgrounds I can download.  The link to the site this one came from is down at the bottom on the left.  My Style backgrounds.

So, who am I?  My name is Cherie.  I teach first grade in Arizona.  I just completed my 5th year in first, 6th year in Arizona.  I taught K my first year.  I am entering my 7th year and my first FULL year in 2 years.  The last two years in a row I have found myself on maternity leave.  Both during the fall.  I have two boys and they're Irish Twins.  13 months apart.  Wowza I'm busy!

My goal on here is to share awesomeness from our classroom, as well as tips/tricks/ideas from my little head.  And probably some from other peoples' heads... but I'll give credit where credit is due! :)  I'll start by posting some old stuff from last year, or previous years.  All of it is at school, so I'll take pics and post tomorrow.


  1. Welcome to boggy world! I like you already, I can tell you have a sense of humor and I love that in a blog writer! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep up your great posts and you'll be celebrating 100 in no time!
    PS figuring out TpT is easier than blogs, so you can do it!!!
    :) Dana

  2. Woohoo! Now to make some super cute stuff to put on TPT! :D

  3. I am glad that you joined the blogging world. I have been stalking you since you did! I love your sense of humor! =)

    I would love for you to visit me again...and I would be honored if you followed me back! =)

    If you ever need any help with a giveaway, let me know. =)

    Heather's Heart